The New Silicone Craft Sheet - WOW!!!!

I mean really... WOW! Have you had a chance to play with the Silicone Craft Sheet yet? WOW!

School begins tomorrow morning, and as you saw from my earlier post just a couple of days ago (here), I'm working on several projects at this moment. So, the boy mentioned tonight that he'd like me to cover his composition books with his Yoda paper (BIG Star Wars fan). You know, like I did for him LAST year (here's that post). I literally had TWO pieces left. JUST enough for two notebooks for him!  :)

And because he likes to have his name on things, I used my new Typeset Alphabet Bigz Dies. FYI - these are the PERFECT size for names on notebooks! (And, if you have a $400 workshop, you can get this beauty for 50% off!)

Well, if you've ever played with alphabet die cuts, they are little! They don't seem like they are, but when you go to put the adhesive on it, they seem really small! I usually get the adhesive on my grid paper in addition to the die cut!

SO, because I was waiting for the brownies to come out of the oven (gotta have chocolate to pack for the first day of school lunch!), I took the extra minute to pull out my Silicone Craft Sheet. Again, WOW! This thing made putting adhesive on those alphabet die cuts SO STINKIN' EASY! I have no idea why I haven't used it before now - but I'm keeping this thing CLOSE from now on!

No adhesive stuck to my grid paper, the table, anything. It just didn't stick - except to where it was supposed to stick! If you haven't used yours yet, or if you don't have one yet, get one! That $5.95 price is such a deal! You can see right through this thing! And it is SO worth not having the aggravation of the adhesive sticking to my grid paper!

If you are coming to my workshop on Saturday (August 25th) at 1pm, make sure you try the Silicone Craft Sheet - you will LOVE it!

Here's a picture of the Silicone Craft Sheet on top of the boy's notebook with one of the die cuts. See how you can see right through it?! This thing is just wonderful. I may have to order a couple of extras - since they are only in the Holiday Catalog.
Dawn Stock Stamping Stampin
The boy's notebook for school

Hope you enjoy the notebook I made for the boy. He's fast asleep now and will be so pleased when he loads his backpack tomorrow with these notebooks.

Parents hold their children's hands for a while, their hearts forever...
(Author Unknown)

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