Leadership Class - Social Media

There were a number of classes offered this year for Leadership 2013. I wish I could have taken them all, but unfortunately Hermoine's Time Turner was not available to me.

BUT one of the classes that I WAS able to take was the "Ramping Up Your Social Media Presence" and it was facilitated by Andrea Withers. You may remember Andrea from my posting about Convention 2011 AND the 2012 Chattanooga Regional. Well, she was on stage at this presentation and did a FAN-TAB-ULOUS job! I wasn't able to get her attention until Saturday evening at the Sale-a-Bration Celebration, she was just WAY too busy! Of course, she is one of those rare people who remember names and faces! (It may have something to do with her youth, but I suspect it is actually HER!) When I snuck over and saw her, she gave me the biggest hug. Isn't she just the sweetest person?! This picture was from the Chattanooga Regional.
Me (red shirt on left) and Andrea Withers (red sweater on right)

Well, during the Leadership 2013 class of Ramping Up Your Social Media Presence, I learned a LOT from Andrea Withers, Diane Dimich, Catherine Pooler, and Becky Roberts (had to pull out the agenda to make sure I got everyone's name right!).

Now, I know, I know, I know... We all know what we need to do, but sometimes trying to fit everything in - well, it just doesn't happen so well! One of the points mentioned was to offer videos and although I have a few ideas, what type of video information would you like to see me offer? I did that one small video on the Simply Sent App here and that seemed well received.
Simply Sent App
See my video on how to use it

And I'd like to do another crafting video. Is there a technique you'd like to see? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I loved the simply sent video. I'll try to think of something else I'd like to see you do.

  2. One more try. There is a technique done with the doily and a heart. Don't know how to describe it but I'll see if I can find the name and send it to you.



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