Silly Dawg...

If you've been to my Craft Studio - even when it was temporarily in the garage! - you've met our resident goofiness. We affectionally refer to him as "the dawg," or by his name (given to him by "the boy" aka Joshua). The dawg's name is Hobbes. And he is an absolute character!

Check out what I shared on Facebook earlier today! Do you "like" or "follow" me on Facebook? I try to post once a week or so. Sometimes it is three times a week; other times, it is once in a three week period. Just depends on life. #familyfirst

So, I've got work to do today - serious work! :)  And Hobbes is my helper, usually. Check it out the rest of the story by clicking HERE. (If you are reading this in your email, you may need to cut and paste the link. Here's the link:

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