Columbus to Salt Lake City and Back Again!

Whew! What a fun few days we had!

Hubby and I were able to fly to Salt Lake City for a few days. I'll be updating more information in the days to come...  :)

My plane was delayed and re-routed and re-re-routed. So hubby got there before I did. We all made it safe and sound so that was the best part!

Check out what I saw when headed to the baggage area in Salt Lake City:
Do I have the BEST hubby or WHAT?!

GREAT, huh? Then off to get the rental car, check into the hotel, and find dinner - those little peanuts or pretzels don't really substitute for lunch!  :)

And I was able to see a couple of my friends while there too.
Me (red), Andrea (gold), and Paul (blue)

Me (red) and Lana (white)
Happy Anniversary Lana!
Beautiful gift you received from your hubby!

Andrea and Lana have just the BEST dispositions. I love when you meet people and they are just as nice in person as they are over the telephone and internet - LOVE that!

OH - and I have to do this little shout-out. Lana just had her wedding anniversary and her hubby must really love her (how could he not?!). She has the most beautiful gift celebrating their anniversary. If you see her in July, make sure you ask her about it. She just lights up!

Well, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for their help. Grandpa flew up to Ohio IN COLD, RAINY, APRIL to stay with the boy. Do I have the best folks for what?!

Can you tell? I am SO very blessed! Looking forward to blogging later this week too!


  1. You have an awesome hubby and you look as pretty as ever! I sure miss you! Looks like you had fun!!!
    Love you
    Debbie (penguin)

  2. @Debbie(Penguin) -
    Oh I miss you too! If they have another Regional in New York and I can go - I am SO going to look you up! Love you and hope Tony is continuing to take EXCELLENT care of my favorite penguin! ♥



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