Today's Ronald McDonald House Card Making...

was so much fun!
Jennifer (print shirt), Dawn (blue shirt), and Stephanie (red shirt).
I think we all know the guy in the yellow and red!

We had SEVERAL families stop over and either pick up some cards to use, stamp some cards, take a bookmark, or just generally visit.

One of the moms, her baby is now six months old and hasn't been home yet; she's hoping that will occur soon! One of the other moms - her baby is 28 days old and the mom has been making different bows and various headbands for her daughter - she even said that her husband makes prettier ones that she does! (I don't believe that for a minute - the cards she made were BEAUTIFUL!). Both of them shared their cell phone pictures of their beautiful daughters with us.

Jennifer joined us for the second time, and one of my downline Stephanie was able to come today (after completing a 5K in the morning!). Thank you - both of you - for sharing your Sunday afternoon with me and the families at Ronald McDonald House for this worthwhile cause.

Today, I was a little smarter. I actually made several cards ahead of time; they just needed colored and stamped (if they wanted a sentiment on the card). Made it SO much easier! Jennifer was making and assembling cards left and right for the residents and Stephanie was helping the residents and their families with how to operating the crop-a-dile, paper piercer, and explaining brads vs. eyelets. I think a good time was had by all!

We left a box of cards, about 50 or so, along with some of those corner bookmarks, with the staff at the front desk. We also let the residents know that those cards would be up there. It's the little things that can make a difference. One of the ladies who stopped said something about "oh yes, I would like some cards, but I don't have time to make them now." So we handed her several. She wanted 3 stamped with "thank you" - because of the wonderful staff at Children's, along with family and friends who have been so helpful. The other blank cards were for her to fill out as she needed.

Crafters - if you ever have the chance to help out at Ronald McDonald House - please consider doing so. When they gave me the tour of the facilities, it really gave me reason to pause. They showed me the room where they have some of the food ready to help out with the families. On this one shelf, they had peanut butter and a variety of cereals. Now, don't get me wrong - I like both of those, just not together. However, it was explained to me that many times, these families come very quickly, without a chance to prepare. By providing the family with a box of cereal and a jar of peanut butter, the family only needs to pick up milk and bread and they can have several meals. Very humbling and things like this continue to show me how truly blessed I am - in so many ways...

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