My Son's Valentine's Day Card

My wonderfully talented son made this card yesterday. He knew that we were making the Valentine's Day cards for the Shut-ins at church last night. So, on the way home from school, he was telling me about his ideas for some Valentine's Day cards. I've included his sketches here too. He had two ideas. Here is the card from the sketch on the right.

A little bit of background on this... He received his own "child's" metal detector for Christmas from his Grandma Nancy. AND his Grandpa in Florida also has a "real" metal detector. At Christmastime, the boy, Daddy, and Grandpa found some change on the beach, so...

There is absolutely no stamping involved in this, no fancy scissors, no special papers. Just a child's idea and his love. Now, I like stamping - and I appreciate all the fancy things I use to make my cardmaking easier and more "WOW!" - but I think this card is the nicest card on this blog and that I have ever seen. Of course, that could just be a proud mama talking too! :)


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