Twelve Days of Christmas and SALES!

Oh wow!

I feel so excited for the sale that began today! You know me - I was up until 2am to place my order - and it is already submitted and on it's way to me. Have you checked it out yet?

2020 Giant Year-End Sale - Shop Now

Clearance Rack Refresh - Shop Now

And ALL Twelve Days of Christmas with Dawn Stock are now completed. You can view the videos on my Facebook Page (click HERE to go to my Facebook videos) OR you can view them on my YouTube Channel (click HERE to view my YouTube videos).

In today's video - the Twelfth Day of Christmas - I showed SO MANY different cards and ideas! Did you see it? And - on the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Dawn Stock Gave to Me... well... every day of my Twelve Days had a surprise gift each day with a $50 merchandise order (before shipping and taxes). So... on the Twelfth Day, I will be including one of my gifts that are from the Twelve Days. It will be such a FUN surprise when you receive your Thank You in a week or so!

Here are screenshots of EACH day of my 12 Days of Christmas. You can click the links above to go to my page or channel and pick out which day(s) you want to watch!


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