Register for a Night of Stampin' Fun!

Crafters -

There are still a few openings for Saturday's Night of Stampin' Fun! Last chance to register is June 12, 2019. Contact me NOW to reserve your spot!


Stampin' Up! will be updating the CALENDAR FUNCTION over the weekend. So... that means it make take some time to get everything updated and back to running smoothly (and it will take me a day or two to get all of the information back into the NEW feature!). Make sure you look at the calendar NOW and get registered while you can still see it!

Click HERE to see my calendar as it is right now.   :)

Want to receive the updates as I send them out? Check it out HERE and there is a link at the top to subscribe too! (**There's some information that I only share with my subscribers too - including the link to ATTEND the Stampin' Fun Night!)

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