Takeout Thinlits Dies - Product of the Week

Crafters -


Then the Holiday Catalog will be LIVE! That means we can ALL order out of it!

You see, I am a little spoiled. Because I'm a demonstrator, Stampin' Up! allows us to order the month ahead. BUT WITH LIMITS.

I understand why they do this. That way there is enough for everyone to go around!

BUT - I know some of these items will be VERY popular! VERY. VERY. POPULAR.

And, like a kid with the Sears Christmas Catalog, I want everything in the book!  :)

But I digress.

When you watched my Facebook Live video from yesterday, you saw ALL of my new toys, I mean my new supplies for upcoming classes and events. Well... I finished it with the Takeout Thinlits Dies. These are SO STINKIN CUTE! And easy to put together too! (That's always a HUGE BONUS!)

Since the catalog isn't live yet, I've taken my own photo of these dies. LOVE THEM!

Product of the Week
Takeout Thinlits Dies
Item #147927

Available September 5, 2018

And wait until you see the fun things that I am pairing WITH this week to showcase this fabulous die!

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And finally, here's a quick and easy sample of this cute little Takeout Thinlits Die. Can you imagine giving these out for Halloween for classroom treats? Or what about just setting one on your friend's desk at work - just to brighten his or her day? LOTS of potential with this one!

Takeout Box Tweetie!

If you want to order it during this Holiday Weekend (September 3 and 4, 2018), you must be a demonstrator. Did I mention you can get this as part of your PERSONALIZED Starter Kit? Yupper Doodles! Just JOIN NOW and you can put it in your shopping cart right away!

Otherwise you can order it on Wednesday, September 5th. The item number is 147927 and it is $33. You can order online using Host Code GJ79YUSD (NO Greek Isles Ordering Special though...), or contact me so you get the MOST FREE ITEMS with this month's Greek Isles Ordering Special! I posted about the Greek Isles Ordering Special last week, and you can read more about it HERE. Phone number and email are both listed in the header (otherwise I get a LOT of spam when I list my email address here!).




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