Notes of Kindness Kit - Product of the Week

Crafters -

Don't you just LOVE that whole idea of an "EASY BUTTON"?

Remember when Staples had that ad campaign about it? You can google it and get all kinds of images and videos, if you missed it.

When you watched my Facebook Live video last night, you saw a new, upcoming kit that will be in the Holiday Catalog effective September 5, 2018.

Did you know that Stampin' Up! offers several ALL-INCLUSIVE KITS? This always throws a few people, so gimme a minute to explain.

All-Inclusive Kits have the stamps, the ink, and a stamp block are included. And the best part? They also offer REFILLS for those All-Inclusive Kits at a reduced cost. That's because you already have the stamp set and the ink, so all you need are the card supplies!

So I have been playing with my own Notes of Kindness Card Kit. Want to see my cards?

Notes of Kindness Card Kit, item #148266, $35

Don't forget you can also order the FULL kit OR just the card kit refill.
Notes of Kindness Card Kit, item #148266, $35
Notes of Kindness Card Kit Refill, item #146854, $21

The refill makes it REALLY nice because you already have the ink, block, and stamps! These cards are WAY prettier than you will find at any of the Big Box Stores - you know the ones - the ones that everyone is so happy to pay $1 for - those ones! And you can make your own with the refill kit - you get 20 cards for just $21 for the refill kit!

With stamping, it took me about an hour to stamp everything and assemble it! The hardest part was making the twine go where I wanted it to go - it had a mind of its own!

Want to see some of the other kits that are available from Stampin' Up!? You can see the KITS here (just click and you will be taken to the kit offerings).


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