Good News and a Bit of Bad News...

Crafters - I have come down with a bit of a killer cold. Now you know I am typically a sharing person, but I do NOT want to share this with anyone.

So, unfortunately,, I will not be able to have people over for Saturday's Pelotonia class.

BUT WAIT! How about I make your cards for you? Even better! With your donation to Pelotonia - to Hubs' account - I'll make you FIVE cards! The same five cards that were ready for this weekend's class!

You can send or drop off a check, made payable to Pelotonia with Paul Stock listed on the memo line, (minimum donation $25), and your cards will be made for you next week!

You can also donate online - what could be easier?
Donate to Pelotonia/Paul Stock

I'll be posting cards throughout the weekend while he is riding for cancer research.

Thank you for your support! This is Hubs' 10th year participating! We could not do this without you!

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