This Too Shall Pass...

Crafters -

Sometimes it takes some BIG stuff to happen to really make us appreciate what we have!

I live in central Ohio, just southwest of Columbus, Ohio, about the center of the state of Ohio. It's a suburb of Columbus called Grove City, Ohio. Nice town and I've lived in central Ohio about 25 years. While I am a transplant, I like to call it home.


Tuesday evening, we had a bit of a storm. QUITE a bit of a storm. Like a tornado touched down in Grove City. The Columbus Dispatch (our local newspaper) advised that it was an EF1 tornado. This intersection is 0.2 miles east of where I live.
Our Neighborhood

So, we have been without power since Tuesday evening. I know you will forgive me not blogging, posting, etc.

Thankfully, we are all ok; our neighbors and friends are all ok. And, as of right now, the only "bad" thing that has happened to us is we don't have power. All in all, I think we got off light!

I am now in Atlanta with my downline/Mom, getting ready for OnStage while hubs and boy are holding down the fort back home. Make sure you check back as I'll be posting for the next several days but with CRAFTING items!

FYI - our phone is also out. So, if you have been trying to call me, please send me an email. While I'm not a TRUE nerd, I'm getting better at checking my email frequently these past few days.

And please keep Grove City in your prayers. As of right now, AEP has been working so hard getting power restored. There were about 8,000 residents without power on Tuesday evening. As of the latest update from AEP, there are only about 70. And yes, we are that special. We are part of those 70...

Look forward to "chatting" with you soon!

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