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We are usually scheduled for the third Sunday of each month at the Columbus (Ohio) Ronald McDonald House. Well, for April, that happened to fall on Easter proper. 

Gotta be honest. I thought about changing the date. Our immediate family is not close geographically. We usually travel that day. But, when I was doing the schedule a few months ago, and after speaking with hubby, decided to leave the date as it was scheduled. We figured we'd just work around it.

My team member, Linda K., also attends most of the RMHC events. She's actually attended EVERY ONE of them since she joined during Sale-A-Bration! Talk about that whole "where two or more gather..." - YUP! I am abundantly blessed!

So we met today. I gotta tell you - as soon as I made the announcement that we were making "Easter Egg Wreaths" in the cafeteria, BEFORE I EVEN MADE IT BACK TO THE TABLE, we had customers! Thank you Linda for being there!  :)

Check out what the table looked like about midpoint through our two-hour crafting!
Check out all the Easter Egg choices!
6" paper plates with a 3" circle cut out of the center.
We already had the ribbons and bows all ready to go!

And here are some of the BEAUTIFUL wreaths that were made!
When we began making the wreaths, we started with several people, RIGHT AWAY! It was GREAT! In speaking with two of them, we found that a mom and her 17-year old just arrived yesterday from UTAH! They were telling us that they had been waiting OVER A YEAR to be able to come here. We were telling them about Stampin'Up! being a corporate sponsor for Ronald McDonald House and these two ladies knew exactly where Riverton, Utah (SU! HQ) and even where Kanab, Utah (manufacturing plant!) are located! We don't realize what a small world it is until we talk with others...

We had a couple of grandmas stop over to make wreaths, and we even had an uncle! Let me assure you, this guy did not look like your typical crafter. He was telling me that he used to be able to come up all the time to help his sister-in-law and his 3-year old nephew. But he just took a job that has the hours of midnight-8am. So he drives up to Columbus from his job, about 3-4 hours, EVERY WEEKEND, to help out. Talk about family and commitment. You could tell too - the sun rises and sets on this little guy for his uncle.

Did you notice the all pink one, in the top right corner? This little girl wanted to make TWO wreaths. This was her second one. She went through every single egg to find the papers she wanted, with the designs she wanted. As she finished hers, her mom (and her sister too!) looked at the wreath and her mom said "now that's a (child's name) wreath!" This little girl just BEAMED!

ALL of the wreaths were works of art - and you notice that no two were alike!

And finally, I have to share these last two. But a little backstory first. These belong to a 6-year old boy and his 3-year old sister. The young man ate his lunch first, so he came over and made his while his little sister was finishing her lunch (no crafting until lunch is finished - or until Mom/Dad/Grandma/Uncle/WHOMEVER says!).

This little guy chose his 12 eggs and went right to town working on his wreath! As soon as he was finished, he let us know that he would be willing to help his sister - what a GREAT kid, huh? He went through several egg color choices with her, flipping each side so she could look at EVERYTHING! He then went through the eggs, one-by-one, to help her choose her colors and placement on the wreath. This guy is a BORN teacher with a GREAT deal of patience. You don't usually see a 6-year old that goes through all of this. But he did, for his little sister.
Big Brother's Wreath
(6-year old boy)
Little Sister's Wreath
(3-year old girl)
I pray your Easter is just as wonderful as mine has been. We are abundantly blessed!

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