Pumpkineers and Upcoming Vendor Fair!

Crafters -

On Tuesday evening, we had our monthly Pumpkineers meeting. This is for my customers who are Paper Pumpkin subscribers with me, and I invite my team members to also attend. ALWAYS more fun to craft with your friends!

I even did a little Facebook Live Video. You can watch it on my Facebook page (click to watch the 1:30 video dated March 28, 2017). Remember, I'm new at this, so please be kind! And Summer even brought her new little puppy to visit! He was such a cutie! It's been a while since we've had a puppy...  :)

We had a BLAST! Check out what the crafters made:
March 2017 Pumpkineer Meeting

After they left, since I have a Vendor Fair on Saturday, April 1st, I made a few extras of the Bunny Bags. These were a HIT! What do you think?
Bunny Bags
with Chocolatey Covered Marshmallow Bunnies inside!

And finally, I have now received my extra refill kits. And had a BLAST playing with them! Check out these alternate designs!
Extra Refill Bunny Bags
Complete with Hershey Kisses inside!

It's like they're bunnies - they are multiplying left and right!  :)  I crack myself up sometimes!

Hope to see you on Saturday, April 1st, between 12p-3p at the Crossfit43123 Local Vendor Craft Fair! I'll have these items available for sale while they last!

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