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You know that feeling? That really good, happy-type of feeling when you have spent the day with friends, you've accomplished a lot, and you just had a GREAT time! You know, the one when you keep thinking about the conversation and just keep smiling like the village idiot! THAT ONE!

Yeah... THAT WAS ME! You see on Tuesday evening, I met with my team! And for the first time EVER, since I now know how to do this, we even did our meeting via Facebook Live! It was GREAT! Two of my team reside in Florida and my friend Carol was able to watch and listen too. I'm confident she was laughing along with us!

Linda, Betty, Faye, and Nancy were all in attendance. Jenny was hoping to attend, and was even going to do a demonstration, but unfortunately she was ill. She was thoughtful enough to stay home and, while we love sharing what we do, we do NOT love sharing germs! What a sweetheart, huh? So, hopefully, she will be able to attend in April and will be able to do her demonstration for us mere mortals then (she is quite talented!).

We had top sales, top recruiter, the prize winner for my Grand Latte Club, and even a drawing for attending the meeting. If you can believe this, LINDA WON EVERYTHING! How does that happen?! 

We went over a lot of business and there was a complete question and answer period throughout the night! I know everyone had a BLAST and wait until you see what we made!

Check it out!
Latte Joy Team Meeting Projects/Cards
March, 2017

The lollipop holder is mine. They are all over the internet, just change the dimensions to make it fit the kind of lollipop you have! We used Tootsie Pops (anyone remember the owl commercial? First one who tells me "how many licks" will receive a handmade card from me - post your comment below and then shoot me an email with your snail mail address!).

But the two cards. The two cards were WOW! This photo doesn't even BEGIN to do them justice.

The "Enjoy Your Day" card is a direct CASE (Copy And Share Everything) from Jenny Peterson. When I showed this card (both at the meeting and at my Easter Sampler class on Thursday night), you should have seen the WOW! from everyone! The photo of the Silver Foil Paper in the catalog doesn't really show how WOW! you can make it! THIS card does!

The Easter card is a CASE from Ronda Wade. Ronda made this card in a video for her March cards. I wanted to make an Easter card using some of the Sale-A-Bration Glimmer Papers (it is now gone - it sold out really fast - like two weeks!).

I'm not quite sure which one is my favorite, but I know I like all three of them!

Come see me on Saturday, April 1st, from 12p-3p, at CrossFit43123 for their Local Vendor Fair. You can see these in person and I'll even have a few for sale! Plus many other items. 

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Want to join my team? You can read all about what I offer by going to 'My Team' (above) or clicking HERE. The link to join is there too! I'd LOVE to have you as part of my team!

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