Reverse Lenten Challenge

Crafters -

Many of you have seen my two little snippets for two of the cards that will be made at my Reverse Lenten Challenge Class on Wednesday, February 15th. You can always see my upcoming classes by clicking HERE (or clicking the CLASSES link at the top).

BUT, after returning from my VERY fun Leadership training this past weekend - SO MANY IDEAS!!!! Well, I went ahead and put together the rest of my samples last night and just posted them! Want to see a little sneak peek?
Reverse Lenten Challenge Cards
February 15th, 2017
9a-1p or 6p-10p
To Go Option Available


Want to know exactly what a Reverse Lenten Challenge is? Lemme tell ya!  :) 

Every year I give up coffee and sometimes chocolate. The coffee is the hard one for me. I would take it intravenously if I could! Each time I would normally reach for a cup of my favorite java, since I gave it up for Lent, it would cause me to think what He gave up for me. My coffee is NOTHING compared with His gift!

So... how about instead of giving UP something, we GIVE something to someone else instead? Like a card!

Everyone needs a little encouragement. With this class, you will make 40 notecards. Beginning Wednesday, March 1st (Ash Wednesday), you will GIVE a card to someone. If you prefer to mail it, that's fine. Want to give one to the cashier at your grocery store - GREAT! What about the teller at your bank - PERFECT! How about the teacher that your child comes home and tells you what a wonderful day he or she had with - EVEN BETTER! How about blessing someone with YOUR gift of a card?

There is no (regular) mail service on Sundays, so beginning March 1st, that is 40 cards to get you through Lent. What a wonderful way to SHARE your gifts and talents and BLESS someone with that.

On Wednesday, February 15th, there are TWO class times to attend. 9a-1p OR 6p-10p. If you are unable to attend, I'm also offering a TO-GO option (shipping extra).

You may register and prepay so all supplies can be ordered in a timely manner. You must let me know by February 10th that you will be attending. Cash, Check or I can send you an invoice that can be paid electronically.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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