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Many of you know that I am involved at our church's Card Ministry. We began MANY years ago as a Scrapbook Ministry, but we have evolved to our current Card Ministry.

We send out between 400-500 cards annually to shut-ins, graduates, parents of new babies, sympathy to those who have lost loved ones, and just general thinking of you cards.

We have a daytime group that meets twice a month, and an evening group that meets once a month. We have a few crossovers - because crafting is just so much fun!  :)

Well, last year, because our crafters donate so much of their time and talents, along with all of their supplies, the three of us leaders got together to plan an evening of fellowship and fun. It allows our two groups to get together and just have fun!

Thursday night was our night of fellowship. Want to see what we made?
Card Ministry Fellowship
December 1, 2016

We had a BLAST! Everyone brought some type of finger food along (yummy) and one couple even brought PIZZA! YEAH!!! Crafting AND food, who knew?!

Because we are two different groups that rarely see each other, except in passing, we each stood and introduced ourselves. We even have THREE ladies who regularly attend our Card Ministry, who attend OTHER churches in our area. It was SO humbling to hear them introduce themselves AND two of them have started Card Ministries at their home churches! 

We also had one new lady, again from another local church. After attending ours, she told me that she had so much fun. She's actually going to look into starting a Card Ministry at HER church! 

God. Is. Awesome!

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