Buckeye Class!

You know that I have been making all kinds of items with the Curvy Box die!

Brutus, by far, has been my best seller at the Craft Fairs. So it got me thinking...

Brutus. Buckeyes. Football. Chocolate buckeyes!

I seem to recall that there is a game on Saturday, November 26th. 10 days from now. Maybe you have heard about it? And, my husband makes the ABSOLUTE BEST BUCKEYES, hands down! He didn't even share the recipe with me until AFTER our 15th wedding anniversary!

Well, he said he would make buckeyes for me for this one-day only class!

So, who would like to come to a special Buckeye class? This will be on Saturday, November 26th, from 9a-12p. Kickoff is at noon, so you will still make it home in time for the halftime show!

We will be making my version of Brutus using the Curvy Box Die, a Christmas card for your favorite Buckeye, and one additional item (it's a surprise!). And, you will be able to take home a CHOCOLATE  buckeye to place inside Brutus for your favorite Buckeye THAT DAY! There will also be a few chocolate buckeyes to snack on - we must do quality control before we give them out! :)

This class will be $15 BUT WAIT! Stampin'Up! will also be offering an ONLINE EXTRAVAGANZA during this time! So, when you place your minimum order DURING THE CLASS, your class fee will be waived! Free chocolate and you get to save money by ordering during the Online Extravaganza? Win-Win-SCORE! (*Note - The order will be placed after the class. With the Online Extravaganza, sale items are only available for a short time.)

You must RSVP by Wednesday, November 23rd (day before Thanksgiving) so I have everything cut, ready, and there are PLENTY of chocolate buckeyes to share! Not able to attend? No problem! I will also be offering an online version. You will just miss out on the good chocolate buckeyes that my husband makes! :(

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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