Thoughtful Branches Bundle - Stampin' Up!

Crafters -

I usually try to schedule my posts but this week just got away from me.

You see, my team leader lives in "that state up north." Thankfully, they still accept me, Buckeye as I am!  :)

Well, we have so much fun with crafting that we (my team and I) drive quite a distance to attend her 2-hour meeting once a month. Yesterday (Tuesday) was that day.

She has a new studio and we were among her first to see it. It is SO FABULOUS! And definitely something to dream about having "some day..." 

BUT, one of the really fun parts of her meeting, because they are so large, is the monthly card swap. For those who do not know what that it, think the old fashioned Christmas cookie swaps that our moms, grandmas, and before used to do. *Although, truth be told, I still know of some who do this - makes Christmas cookie baking SO much easier!*

So, wanna see my swap card? I used the new Thoughtful Branches, an exclusive, limited-time bundle.
Thoughtful Branches Bundle

And, want to see the ones I received? This was our last month of doing "just" 10 cards. Beginning in September, we will make 15 cards! I love the samples I receive from this group of VERY talented ladies! (Because one of my team also attended, between the two of us, we received ALL of the swap cards!)
August 2016 Swap Cards

Such GREAT ideas! Love - Love - Love them!

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