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As I have mentioned before, I am the Lead for the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. Several years ago, some very kind soul donated various papers and stamps and we are still using them!

On Sunday, August 14th, my team member, Donna, and I were at Ronald McDonald House making cards. As of this writing, there are approximately 15 other Columbus area demonstrators who are willing to volunteer their time as part of this wonderful program. I am very hopeful that calendars will clear and we will have a BIG TEAM to help with crafting! Any demonstrator can volunteer to be part of this team! They volunteer on the Stampin' Up! website and the Ronald McDonald House Coordinator from our Home Office provides me with these wonderful crafters' names and contact information.

While I recognize a few of the names, many I do not recognize. I am really looking forward to meeting them at one of the next crafting times at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House!

Want to see just a few of the cards Donna and I were involved with at the August meeting?
Group of Cards Made
11 Cards made by one 8-year old!
Didn't she do a GREAT job?!
I absolutely LOVE that this child wanted to stamp "Feel Better"
on BOTH the outside and the inside of the card!
The recipient of THIS card has GOT to Feel Better seeing this card!
One of the TWO young men who made cards with us
wanted to place TWO frogs on this card.
He colored one and his mom colored the other -
The young lady who colored this card did a
I love all the colors she used!
Isn't this such a Happy Card?
It brings a smile to my face!
This young lady's card used such a nice shade of purple!
And she adhered her artwork to her card HERSELF!
Isn't this a cheerful card too?
I LOVE the bold colors with these two cards!
Mr. Elephant and Mr. Frog (and Mr. Mouse too!) seem to JUMP off the card!
The young lady who made this card really put her heart into it!
LOOK at all the hearts and people she drew!
She decorated her artwork on the front of the card.
Additional artwork inside the card.
Then she worked on her envelope - FRONT AND BACK!
Her friend will enjoy this Birthday card!
What a wonderful Thank You card!
No coloring was necessary!
And the lady who made this card had just attended a Stampin' Up! workshop recently!
I think she may have caught the "Crafting Bug!"
I look forward to crafting with her at future RMHC events!
Envelopes are typically just stamped.
Let's face it - people throw away their envelopes! I know I do...
However, two crafters colored their envelopes.
The exact same flower stamp but how beautiful BOTH of these envelopes are!

We made approximately 60 cards total. We make a few of them in advance - let's face it - the parents/grandparents/caregivers may be tied up! This way, they can just stop at the table, grab any/all cards they wish and then go back to their child. It is so humbling to talk with these parents and to have them share their stories with us.

We had five children - including TWO boys!, two moms, one dad, and even one grandpa join us! It was absolutely wonderful! AND there is a new Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator at the Columbus House. I was greeted by the Director on Sunday. AND she was kind enough to stay and make a card with us! God is absolutely AWESOME!

One of the young ladies stayed with us almost the entire two hours! She made 11 cards total! She was going back home because she was scheduled to start school this week. After her mom dropped her back home, mom was driving back to Columbus to stay a bit longer at the Ronald McDonald House. Very humbling...

And everyone was VERY excited for a Birthday Party later on for a former resident. It was so much fun seeing how everyone was making a card, using the same designs, but making each one totally different and completely their own! The young lady who was celebrating her birthday should enjoy EVERY SINGLE CARD that was made with her in mind!

At almost the end of our time, one of the young ladies (the one who decorated the front and inside of her card, along with the front and back of her envelope) came back to our table. Donna and I were finishing the last of the cards - we leave all the extras on the Free Table for the residents. With her mom nearby, she came over and gave both Donna and I hugs. Now, gotta be honest with you here... I did tear up a bit...

My boy is a teenager, almost 6' tall and I usually hear "Mo-om....!" complete with eye roll. Anyone else relate to that? To have this wonderful 4-year old come up and just give us hugs for making cards with her... yeah... I miss those days...

We were abundantly blessed during our brief time at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. Our next crafting is Sunday, September 18th from 12p-2p. If you are a demonstrator and wish to join us, please volunteer on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator site. You MUST be a demonstrator to volunteer with us.

Can't wait to show you the cards we make in September!

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