Weekly Deals - Stampin' Up!

Well, got some news fer ya...

First, here are the Weekly Deals:
Weekly Deals

You can always check the Weekly Deals HERE.


and here's the sad but really, not so sad news...

After April 18th, the Weekly Deals are going bye-bye!

BUT... (and you KNEW there was another "but" coming, didn't you?)

They will be replaced by Special Offers. These Special Offers will occur every few months as inventory allows with more products and discount tiers than Weekly Deals (offers may vary per market).


The Retiring List will be coming out on April 18th at 3pm (Eastern Time). Gotta give you a little hint. When that Retiring List comes out, items will FLY off their shelves! SO, if there is something you absolutely, positively, have to have - ORDER. IT. NOW. If you want to wait, that's fine, but... if you want it - GET IT NOW!

Some GREAT NEWS this week, huh?

Contact me if you have any questions!

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