Pocketful of Cheer Paper Pumpkin - Stampin' Up!

Today was a GREAT day! YUP! I'm typing this just before midnight and it was just a wonderful day! And it even rained here - after the beautiful sunshine-y weather earlier this week. 

It was a G-R-E-A-T day!

You may ask "why was today a great day, Dawn?" Well, let me tell you!

First, at 9am was the Coffee and Cards class and we used the In the Meadow stamp set. I'll be updating the CLASSES page with a photo of the April Coffee and Cards later this week. Check back for that little goodie.

THEN, and usually our killer attack dog protects us from the evil mailperson by barking and growling, but he just slept through the mail delivery today. (He had protected us from the ferocious bunny rabbit in the back yard earlier; I guess he really did need his sleep.) After the class, I went to the mailbox and guess what was there? Go ahead - GUESS?

Spoiler alert - it was a very pretty BLUE box!!! Blue? What?! Go to the Paper Pumpkin Youtube channel and you can watch the March 2016 Paper Pumpkin video HERE.

Did you notice that the March 2016 Paper Pumpkin arrived in a BLUE box? Super cool!

Well, after watching the video, you can see the 8 gift cards and the 8 gift card envelopes that are in the Pocketful of Cheer Paper Pumpkin for March 2016.

Now, those of you who know me, you KNOW I always have to move things from the left to the right, from the front to the back, you know... kinda like that line in Sleepless in Seattle. When Tom Hanks' character is talking about a customer and he says something like "couldn't we move the front to the back and then put the front on a great big hinge so I could just get in with a garage door opener?" One of my many favorite lines in that movie.

But I digress! The printed paper on the envelopes in this month's kit is WOW!!!! Really. Really. Really. Wow! I thought it was too pretty to be on the INSIDE of the envelope as they showed. So I moved the inside to the outside. Let's face it. People throw away their envelopes. They don't keep them - I don't even keep 'em! 

Guess what? I cut the envelope paper! YIKES! Don't tell Stampin' Up! I don't want them to cancel on me, especially since we are getting that exclusive FREE stamp set with the April Paper Pumpkin (if you haven't seen that information, HERE is the video from Sara).

Alright, I've kept you in suspense long enough.  :)

I did cut most of the papers in half, punched out of the middles, etc. I also added some Whisper White Cardstock and Pool Party Cardstock for the card bases, along with SCRAPS of Cucumber Crush, Pool Party, Bermuda Bay, Whisper White, and Kraft Cardstock. The Pocketful of Cheer kit arrived with a Bermuda Bay Stampin' Spot, and I also had a Cucumber Crush Stampin' Spot, and I used that as well.

I was able to make 30 cards - yes, 30 cards! PLUS the 4 little gift card envelopes too! And yes, I altered the designs slightly so I could use that really pretty baker's twine on more of the cards. When I ran out of that, I had some old thick baker's twine from last year that I used. Threw on a few of the Bermuda Bay Sequins, used my Banner and Elegant Butterfly punches, and just WOW! You will notice four of the five card designs use the same size layered square on the cards.

And I made them ALL BIRTHDAY CARDS. With this whole #imbringingbirthdaysback, I had 3 - yes THREE birthday cards left! Granted, I have already mailed out the birthday cards for those at the beginning of April, but I was almost out! Now I have 30 more. That should last me a day or two. Although... SPOILER ALERT!!! I'm holding back one of each of these cards for a surprise, which means I really only have 25. ;)

Hope you enjoy these alternate ideas for YOUR Pocketful of Cheer Paper Pumpkin Kit!

Let me know if you have any questions. AND GO! SUBSCRIBE to Paper Pumpkin now! They are GIVING us a FREE STAMP SET with the April Paper Pumpkin! You have to subscribe by April 10th. It's easy to Join Now!  

 Can't wait to see what YOU do with YOUR kits!


  1. L-O-V-E your cards!! But I need a close up photo!:) Did you actually use the pocket on the front of a few cards? tfs!!

    1. Jettie - I just copied (mostly) the design that came with the kit. AND I still have the pocket pieces left to use on something else. I'm glad you are enjoying the cards! About half have been sent out and my customers are enjoying them too!

  2. Were most of them the A2 size? These are awesome! Thanks for sharing. I too wish there was a close up of each one!

    1. All of the cards were the A2 size - I just CASED the design from the Paper Pumpkin instructions. Others used scraps and bits and pieces. Don't forget about the gift card holders too. Again - CASED directly from the Paper Pumpkin instructions. Refills are still available!


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