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Well, what do you know? I'm actually using a hastag! I'm one of those who still think of '#' as a pound sign, not a hashtag, so this is a REALLY big step for me!

But, in case you haven't yet seen or heard, Shannon West from the Stampin' Up! home office in Utah, has started this. She's calling it:


Shannon did this TV segment on a local channel in Utah. You can view that segment HERE.

Don't know about you, but I know I've gotten quite lax about sending birthday cards. AND THIS IS WHAT I DO!!!!!! Hello?!?!? And yes, this one definitely needs an AMEN! I get the reminder on Facebook that so-and-so has a birthday coming up and I just get on Facebook and write them a message. BAD! Social media has really made ME stop sending birthday cards! YIKES!!!!

SO, when I had my party on February 6th, I asked the crafters for their birthdays - just month and day. And this weekend, when I was able to work in my craft room, I was able to actually complete my OWN Tin of Cards Project Kit! So, the very first card that I have as a birthday card to be sent out for this is to my friend Linda! Hope she enjoys it!
Happy Birthday Linda!
Hope you enjoy the card!

And I'll be contacting my customers to get THEIR birthdays so I can enter those dates into my database!

**I'm starting this out slow. For now, I'm only requesting birthdays from my customers. Once I get better at this...  :)

Please make sure when you place your order, IF you choose NO CONTACT, you will need to send me an email to tell me you placed your order. You will then need to give me your birthday and snail mail address so I can send YOU a birthday card. NO need for year of birth - I'm gonna make everyone 25 in my mind! Remember being 25? 35 was actually MY favorite age! What was YOUR favorite age?

So, if you have placed an order in the past two months, please look for YOUR email requesting YOUR birthday!

I'm starting this slow... hope you join this #imbringingbirthdaysback movement too!

Don't forget about the Coffee and Cards Class on Saturday, February 20th, too! You will also receive a FREE incentive stamp from me if you choose to make all 8 of your cards into birthday cards - LOVE the whole #imbringingbirthdaysback - don't you? You can read more about the classes HERE.


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