Card Making - LOVE IT!

So... how many have a dedicated space to crafting? For those who have been to my home, you know I do. I'm VERY fortunate that I have a craft room now. 5 years ago - nope! Used the kitchen table. And then had to clean up if my family wanted to, you know, eat, do homework, that type of thing. Can I get an AMEN?!

Well, I'm taking an online crafting class this weekend - LOVE IT! - and while working on it and listening to the GREAT speakers, I had an idea. So I pulled out some of my supplies.

And, yeah, I'm using the table again! hahahah! Better lighting, yeah.... that's what I'm telling myself.

Does anyone else spread out all of his or her supplies like I do? Check it out!

Normally, I don't have hubby's 'puter there, but since I HAVE to listen to the speakers... And since my "What I Love" Sale-a-Bration stamp arrived just yesterday, I am having SO. MUCH. FUN.

And my family? Yeah, they are watching Galaxy Quest. Gonna miss Alan Rickman. Many may know and love him (as I do!) as Professor Severus Snape, but he will always be Hans Gruber to me. (I just looked that up. Die Hard was in 1988? Seriously? That movie is almost 30 years old?!?! How did that happen?)

But I digress. After I get my designs all done - and I'm gonna show this idea at my workshop on February 6th - I'll clean up the crafting before dinner. Unless I can talk hubby into taking me out. I just got an email coupon to Bob Evans! Any dinner I don't have to make is a good one!

Oh well, I must go crafting now so I feel much younger than I actually am. Hope you are having a GREAT day crafting as well! 

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