One Sheet Wonder Class, Quilting Cards, and a Little Bit of Excitement...

Crafters -

On Saturday, I met with some friends and fellow crafters for my One Sheet Wonder Class. We had a LOT of fun! We made six cards, and I LOVED every one of the designs. 

So I had wanted to make some type of quilting card last month. I googled "quilting card" and the ideas were WOW! But the one that spoke to me the most was a card from Karen Barber. You can see her card and posting HERE. She even gave a really GREAT tip to line the pieces and parts with the Stampin' Up! Grid Paper.

One of the six cards was this quilting card.
Dawn's Card

With my retirement, I took a Quilting 101 class about a month ago. HAD. A. BLAST! So, with that 1 little square, I made 11 more and am now in the process of trying to make it into a twin size quilt! With a little help from my Aunt Linda, she was able to get me on the right path. And my friend Monica has also offered her assistance to me. Between me and my family/friends, I may actually be able to get this quilt done!

This quilting card was a HUGE hit! My friend Susan is apparently a quilter! I LOVE these classes. I really get to talk with my friends. And my husband was out of town riding his bicycle with some other bicycle enthusiasts, so we were totally at our leisure! (more on hubby and bicycling in a bit.)

Here are a few of the other quilting cards that were made:

Linda's card

Bev's Card

Susan's card

Isn't this GREAT? Same design, everyone's just looks different! For the white portions, we used the Shimmery White Paper - really pretty!

Did you notice the saying on this card? We used the Trust God Stamp Set. VERY appropriate!

And the excitement we had here... Let me tell you, God really does put us where He needs us to be. My husband was bicycling in southern Ohio and he is an AVID cyclist. While we were finishing our cards, my husband's ringtone came through on my cell phone - NOT a good sign since he doesn't call me in the middle of a bicycle ride. He was involved in a bicycle accident. No vehicles were involved; just the hard pavement. There was an ambulance ride from southern Ohio, MANY tests at the hospital, and even an overnight hospital stay!

I will post more about this in a few days, but let me assure you - Linda, Bev and Susan were exactly where they were needed! And I appreciated each of them VERY much! So thankful my friends are huggers too - cuz I needed them at that moment. Hubby's helmet did the job it was supposed to do and he was with some wonderful people who ensured his well-being! Check back for photos and more information! 

And thank you so very much to my wonderful friends - Linda, Bev and Susan for being here! "Where two or more gather..."  Love you!

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