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Thank you to all who donated to Paul's Pelotonia FUNdraiser!

As many of you know, something unforeseen came up (I know, Life 101, right?) and I was able to go to Florida to visit my family right after the FUNdraiser. It has been a little hectic since I have returned.

Paul's Pelotonia ride was this weekend. Here's him in the morning BEFORE the ride...
Ready to ride 100 miles today!

And here is what he looks like after riding 180 miles in 2 days!
Paul and his friend Lisa after riding 180 miles in 2 days!
How are they both still smiling?

Paul and his friends Rich and John, were the first across the finish line on Saturday. They finished 100 miles in UNDER 5 hours! YIKES!!!  And on Sunday, Paul and Rich finished the 80 miles in under 4 hours! I would say that they put the hammer down and rode! There is no prize for crossing first, other than you get out of the sun and heat first, AND are able to get to the massage table quicker than everyone else!

BUT, back to stamping... I was able to finish the PDF of the cards we made in July at the FUNdraiser and that was emailed to everyone who attended on July 26th. There were several of you who were unable to attend but still dropped off a check for this FUNdraiser. That email was also sent to you.

Check back later this week (or make sure you subscribe to my blog and you will receive the email) to see the quick and easy designs we made! Especially the non-traditional Christmas card colors! Wasn't that fun?

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