2014-2015 NEW Stampin'Up! Catalog!

It is AFTER midnight and the 2014 Catalog Premiere was at 7pm!

I was so very fortunate to meet with several of my downline and a couple of friends for dinner before. Here we are in our seats at the theater.
From left to right:
Stephanie, Charlene, Jeannette, Sandie, Geneva, and me

Well, and we saw some really cool stuff too, but at the end of the Premiere, Stampin'Up! announced that they would be passing out the catalogs, ALONG WITH A NEW STAMP SET as we exited the theater. As soon as I'm done with this blog posting, I'm going to put my set together and make a card! Check back later in the week for an easy and cute sneak peek!

Oh and the ABSOLUTE BEST PART, well, actually there were several of them, but ONE of the best parts of the presentation was the very talented Bonnie Thurber. I have met her several times and she is just one of the sweetest, nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Well, while she was was talking to all of us (yes, all 7,000 of us!), there was a sparkle on her left ring finger. You got it! She said that she is 53 and getting married for the first time! Apparently this gentleman named Mike has swept her off her feet! CONGRATULATIONS BONNIE AND MIKE!

And then throughout the evening, Brian Pilling brought little gifts and a personal note to each of the presenters. And because the gifts were so thoughtful to Bonnie, Shannon West, Carrie Cudney, and Donna Griffith, he even made a couple of them tear up. It was really quite nice. You could tell that they are all friends!

Shannon demonstrated a card that was stamped with a pair of eyeglasses and the words "Talk Nerdy to Me." She said that her mom told her that nerds make good partners (I'm paraphrasing here). Gotta agree with Shannon's mom! When we watch Big Bang Theory, I miss SEVERAL of the subtle jokes. Thankfully my MENSA/geek hubby can explain it to both me AND the boy. (Although I think the boy gets it sometimes before I do!)  So Shannon - LISTEN TO YOUR MOM (on this one)!

When we left the theater, because we hadn't yet had a chance to look through the catalog for ourselves yet, we decided to meet at a 24-hour restaurant and we all had a sweet treat! It was so good to go through the catalog with each other. Charlene, Sandie, Geneva, and I all saw different things when we were looking through it. Made it really nice to share this part of the new catalog with friends.

Did I mention that I have only gone through the catalog two or three times? Yeah, I think I'm going to be up a FEW more hours making my wish list! As a demonstrator, we can preorder certain items on May 1st!

Seriously though, Stampin'Up! made it VERY clear that we can show the catalog in person but absolutely nothing beside the front cover is to go out on the internet. So please don't ask me to share any of the pages other than in person/face-to-face. I'd hate to have to tell you no.

BUT, for those of you coming to my card class next month, or if I see you around town, feel free to ask me about the catalog. You just KNOW I'll have it with me! Now they DID tell us that we could post a picture of the CLOSED catalog, so...

And the pages inside are EVEN BETTER!!!!

I'm ordering my catalogs on May 1st (the earliest I can order them). If you have placed an order with me in the past six months, I will have a catalog for you. PLEASE NOTE: If you have placed an ONLINE order and listed NO CONTACT, I do not know who you are. Stampin' Up! doesn't provide me with your name, email, address, ANYTHING. So if you DID place an online order and listed NO CONTACT, please contact me if you would like a catalog.

Check back on May 1st. I'll be posting the dates and times when you can stop over. You'll be able to complete a FREE make-and-take AND look through the catalog! Hopefully, my boxes will be here by then and you can take one home!

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