Best of 25 Years Stamp Sets

It is now February 1st (YEAH!) and Stampin'Up! has updated their Best of 25 Years Stamp Sets!

Here's February's Best of Love Stamp Set (Item #132987) - LOVE IT!
Best of Love Stamp Set
Item #132987

And I have to be honest here, I still have a couple of the February Best of Love stamps! TWO of them are two of my absolute favorites in the retired category. I use them on my personal cards! And now I can use them again! I'm so glad Stampin'Up! is doing this Best of Series.

The best part is - Stampin'Up! is releasing a new "Best of..." Stamp Set each month for all of 2013!

Once you begin collecting these, don't forget to keep track of your stickers (they are found on your stamp set label). Once you collect six of them, you mail in your Collector's Card for a FREE STAMP SET (value of $14.95 US). If you misplace your Collector's Card, I can help you with that - but you gotta keep track of those stickers!

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