So Much Fun in Orlando!

But is it HOT! Guess you can tell I don't live in this state, huh? My melting gives me away every time!

Anyway... I saw my friend Gwen yesterday at the meet-and-greet. She is still just as tall, beautiful, and just as nice as she always is. LOVE HER! When I reconnected with her in the room, she had already found two other new friends and we were gabbing and sharing with them.

In my other class later that day with Brian Pilling, I was able to sit with four ladies I just met. And one of them, the talented Kathleen Innes, is my new accountability partner! Can't wait to talk with her monthly to talk about our Stampin'Up! businesses!

Steph arrived safe and sound - isn't it wonderful to share this great company and have nice friends to share it with too?

Ok, we received our "Oh Hello" stamp set and a really pretty silver pen and pin! I took a picture - I'll see if I can get that uploaded and post it here (You have to tilt your head to the side - I'll figure out this whole iPad thing someday...).

Looking forward to classes today and I'll blog more later.

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