Leadership Class - Managers' Reception

WOW! Seriously, you ever get so speechless with something right in front of you that you can say nothing but "WOW!"? 

As many of you know, I was a demonstrator for a number of years. I then took at six-month break (Stampin'Up!'s rules, not mine). Well, because of that time off, I've had to rebuild my business, so I am always looking for tips!

During Leadership 2013, they offered a class the first afternoon/evening BEFORE Leadership 2013 actually started. I signed up for that class RIGHT AWAY! It was called "How to Get to Managers' Reception Next Year" and was facilitated by Brian Pilling. Brian's a bit of a character...

When you next see me, ask me about the Friday Night General Session he participated in called "Stamping Under the Stars." We just refer to it as a Pajama Party. Boys aren't usually allowed at these things... but he was there in his Mickey Mouse t-shirt, suitcase, and he even had his pillow! He did some internet research for the Pajama Party, with his lovely wife's permission I am sure! Some of his information was inaccurate, but he tried! It was too stinkin' cute!
Brian Pilling
Demonstrator Training Manager

I digress. During the Managers' Reception class, because we signed up in advance, the lovely people at Stampin'Up! had our personalized financial report in an envelope for us to use during the class. Brian went over the report to let us each know how we could improve our businesses so that we can promote to Manager in order to attend the Managers' Reception Next Year. I learned a LOT!

At Leadership 2013, Managers' Reception was held at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. Did I mention I have ALL of the movies AND have attended SEVERAL midnight showings the night that the movies have opened? Our son even has the hardback SET of books and it has been his favorite since at least the third grade! But since I wasn't a manager, I was unable to attend.   :(    (sniff, sniff, blow nose)

Hopefully, some of the tips I learned during the Managers' Reception class will come in handy. I met a wonderful lady during the class who is my Accountability Partner. I look forward to corresponding with Karen throughout the next year!

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