Leadership Class - Blueprint for Success

I hope you have been enjoying these updates today on the various Leadership classes I received last week. This is the final "Breakout" class update.

During Leadership 2013, I was able to take a class called "Creating Your Blueprint for Success" that was offered by Brandi Barnard and Meg Daves. 

During the Creating Your Blueprint for Success class, Brandi Barnard (or maybe it was Meg Daves) mentioned that Stampin'Up! was going to offer a "Cost Calculator" in excel for the demonstrators. It would be available AFTER Leadership 2013. Now I check online almost EVERY DAY (if not multiple times throughout the day!) on the Stampin'Up! website and it was there as of yesterday. Not sure if they posted it before, but I specifically went looking for it yesterday. SU! has made it very easy for those of us (that would be me!) so we can keep an accurate cost analysis on our fees.

Brandi also mentioned that we could "repurpose" our projects and designs. Now, what does that mean, you might ask? What that means is once you have a template, there is not a need to reinvent the wheel. While yes, you can just swap out one color for another like I did a few years ago for this hostess set (has it really been almost FOUR years?!). The blog posting is here.
Same Design / Different Colors

Or my 2012 Chattanooga Regional Swap cards using Serene Silhouettes and a few other items. :)  Did you notice that I used ALL of the new 2012-2014 InColors - papers, markers, and ribbons. The blog posting is here.
Serene Silhouettes

It also means that you can keep the same design and use different colors and/or stamps with it to make it look different - even though you know it is basically the same template! I did that here using the Reason to Smile stamp set by changing it using the Blooming With Kindness stamp set. I kept the same colors, but the card looks different. That blog posting is here.
Blooming With Kindness on the left
Reason to Smile is on the right
(Psst! Did you notice? The Reason to Smile stamp set is on the Clearance Rack. When it is gone, it is gone!)

Or with the Papillion Potpourri stamp set. This blog posting is here.

Papillion Potpourri

Meg Daves also spoke with us about determining our goals for our business. She stressed the importance of talking! She gave a GREAT example of her earning the incentive trip and MEANING to register but never quite getting around to it. Thankfully a wonderful person from Stampin'Up! called her and reminded here so she could get registered! Otherwise she would have missed the deadline and the trip!

GREAT ideas all around, huh? Thanks so much for looking through all of them! Let me know what YOU have done with these ideas.

Do you like my ideas? Leave me a comment and let me know! If you do like my ideas and you are looking for a demonstrator, I'd LOVE to be your demo. Let me know and we can talk -  catalog in hand!  :)

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