Simply Sent App - Thank You! and a Reminder

Crafters -

First off - WOW! Your personal emails, and some texts, have been GREAT! Thank you for the encouragement with the FIRST video that was so pixelated.

Now that I (somewhat) know what I'm doing AND have the right thing to upload my video from the camera, I anticipate doing a few MORE of these videos. YEAH!!!! Hope you enjoy them.

Second, please get the word out on this wonderful Simply Sent app. It seemed to me that many of the questions were "how do I find it?" SO, although no video, here's how you find it:

  • On the device you want to use the app on, touch the "App Store" icon
  • In the search box, type "Simply Sent" - no quotes, just the words Simply sent. And yes, you will need to put a space between the two words
You should see something that looks similar to this:

There will be a button to press for you to view it or download it or something along those lines.

Press the button to download the app to your device. This takes a minute or so. An icon will show up on your screen.

To get into the app, you touch the Simply Sent icon which looks like this:
Simply Sent icon
Make the digital card front and then email it to your friends, families or whomever! You can watch my video to see how to move things around and play a bit with it (click the words "my video" and you will be taken to YouTube to watch the video). Hope that helps!

Third, if this has helped you, please leave me a comment. Better yet, send me an email if you'd like to see something specific. I'm working on my stamping video library and I'd LOVE to do a video that YOU have requested!

Fourth, and finally - and here's where I just couldn't be happier. A friend of mine sent me an email. She said that she had tried to play with the Simply Sent app (she just got her iPhone), but ... Well, after she watched my video, THIS is what she sent:
No - Thank YOU!  :)

LOVE IT! Did you notice that she added TWO buttons in two different colors and she added the text. WAY TO GO!

- - - - - REMINDER - - - - -
Don't forget that Monday is the deadline to register for my final two final classes of 2012. The card class will again showcase the 2013 format. The cost is $35 for the Sewing Giftables class, $25 for the Cards Giftables Class. If you schedule BOTH classes, the cost is $50 - a savings of $10 and you walk out of here with FOUR sets of cards and FIVE sewing projects! Here's the link for the pictures. Hope to see you here!

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