Saturday's Card Class - WOW!

Crafters -

I don't know how the weather is in your neck of the woods, but the weather here in central Ohio is beautiful! And it was beautiful yesterday during the card class.

Because I'm changing how I do my card classes, I was very fortunate to have several friends attend yesterday's card class. The room set up was even different!
Card Class - November 10th

Incentive stamps were given for wearing something Christmas-y (LOVE the earrings and the socks ladies!). A GREAT time was had by all!
Jeannette showing just ONE of the pretty cards she made!

I wanted to give the ladies a little gift in their card bag, so I made some more of those gift tags. I changed stamp sets and designs of course.
Such an EASY gift tag set!

Well, Saturday morning, because my order came Friday evening!, I added the Cherry Cobbler and Early Espresso Baker's Twine to the tags. Thankfully, my fabulous upline Sandi had sent me a NEW package of the white Baker's Twine, so I was good there! ANYWAY, the boy came into my craft room. He's my biggest helper. He helps me with cleaning and set-up of card classes, helps with vacuuming, setting up the tables, all of the things that get done before my crafting friends come over. Well, while I was tying the bows for one of the cards, he was cutting the Baker's Twine for me for those gift tags. 

And, the best part of spending time with him while setting up? He talks! (Yes, I know those days are numbered, so I'm enjoying it while I can!). When I started putting the bows into the baggies, he glanced at the card. Now, he has seen this card several times before, but because he was in the crafting mood... he looks at the card and says "Mom. I think a candy cane would look really good on that card. And it should hang off of that too." He then continued with "and do you have anything to make it sparkly. Candy canes sparkle!"


Even though I already had 20 of those cards cut, bagged, ready to go - you got it! I grabbed my Shimmery Paper and cut pieces for the crafters to cut the ornament AND candy cane for each card. Here's the close-up of that card. The picture does not do it justice - BEAUTIFUL!
The boy's addition to this card - WONDERFUL!

And the final neat thing we had for the day - COOKIES! And I used my Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps - including Demonstrator ONLY ones!
Demonstrator ONLY Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps
They say I (heart) stamps and Stampin'Up!

Close up

Snowflakes! Part of the Holidays Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps

They work (just not as well) on peanut butter AND snickerdoodle cookies, but they do work best on sugar cookies. A recipe even comes with the box!

And you will notice, I have added the link to the items in my online store, if you would like to see a close-up picture of the items I have listed!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! And the cookies are WONDERFUL!  :)

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