An Ink-redible Promotion!

Crafters - 

WOW! Have you ever thought about all the items in the Stampin'Up! catalogs that you would like to have? On one of the sites that I visit, a demonstrator has this wonderful tag line:
Want a couple of stamps? Place an order.
Want a lot of stamps? Have a workshop.
Want it all? Become a demonstrator!

Well, let me tell you - if you have been thinking about it - think about this!
An Ink-redible Promotion!
Click here to JOIN NOW!

So, let's do the math... The Starter Kit is $99 and you receive up to $125 worth of merchandise that YOU pick out - that saves you $26. AND you receive FREE shipping on the $99 kit - that saves you $9.90. AND now they are adding a FREE collection of the Classic Stampin' Pads (excludes Neutrals Collection) which is another savings of $49.95 US - and you will USE those too! So, if I add this correctly... your savings is $26 + $9.90 + 49.95 = $85.85. Any math/finance gurus out there? You pay $99 and you will receive up to an additional $85.85. Anyone? I'd say that beats the 40% off coupon that can be used at the Big Box stores - what do you say?!

Now, I do have to be very honest with you because sometimes people think that it really benefits the demonstrators to have people join our downlines and that is why we "push" this so hard. It does benefit, if you are really into this as a business. For the hobbyists and the people building our businesses (this is the category that I fall into), it does not help us as much. BUT it does help you, the customer, with the cost savings! Either way, the friendships remain the same. And please know - you can get the Starter Kit and never have any workshops, classes, anything - you just receive all the benefits with no strings attached. OR you can get the Starter Kit and have all the workshops, classes, and everything - and you now have your own business! Either way, it is good. Stampin'Up! doesn't come after you. I'm still friends with you. All is good in the world!

So, if you are interested in getting this wonderful deal - you can signup online and begin enjoying all of these wonderful things! Click here to start YOUR journey!

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