Notebooks, Notebooks, and MORE Notebooks...

Crafters -

Beginning Saturday morning, I have a meeting for the next few weeks. Which is why my calendar looks really busy on Saturdays! That's a GREAT thing...

AND, because I will be at this meeting with 19 other women and we will be taking notes, I asked if I could make personalized notebooks for each of the women. THE ANSWER WAS YES!!!!  :)

So, I have been VERY diligently working on these notebooks for the past few days. My folks came into town, the boy has been busy with homework and such, and I could only work on it for an hour here and an hour there (assembly line production is GREAT for projects like this!). With my mom here, and her being a fabulously talented crafter (where else would I get this from?), she offered her talents!

I put her to work cutting out the letters using my Typeset Alphabet Bigz Dies and this is what the table looked like - YIKES, right?  (smile)
Yeah, I'm a little too organized sometimes, huh?

Well, just a hint for you - to make it REALLY EASY to put these letters on the notebooks - make sure you use your Silicone Craft Sheet - makes it SO easy - look at this!
LOVE my Silicone Craft Sheet!

See how it doesn't stick to the sheet? Meaning - I don't waste a lot of paper on my grid paper when I'm using these little letters. AND since the silicone is see-through, I can use it with my grid paper! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

SO, because I made 20 of these notebooks, here are the first few.
Mine is first - LOVED this paper when we offered it...

For Annette's, I had to get creative to fit her name on this!




We have TWO Brendas
So I made them VERY different!

Isn't Dee's just so cheery?!

LOVE this paper!
And you can just make out Diana's name on the bottom



I'll post the rest tomorrow.

Please know, I used my retired papers. I also had to use some contraband ribbon because I didn't have enough of my SU! stash. Good thing I've got my order in for the Back to Spool Promotion that Stampin'Up! is offering this month. I may have to place an order to get some more!

Don't forget that between now and September 20th, for ONLINE ORDERS ONLY, I'll even refund your normal shipping! That post is here.

Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check back on Saturday for the remaining 10 notebooks!

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