Chattanooga Regional

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Wow! The Chattanooga Regional was just GREAT!!!!

Hubby let me borrow his iPad but I am apparently too tired to figure out how to download the pictures!  :)

My mom and I left Friday morning to head towards Chattanooga. We had a very nice trip. It has been a number of years since it was just the two of us on a road trip. For about 7 hours we spoke about family, friends, work, and crafting! We didn't even turn on the radio!

When we arrived in Chattanooga, we met with my sideline, the fabulously talented Sue. She  pointed us in the right direction to get to downtown Chattanooga. Mom and I had a wonderful dinner and returned to our room. I still had swaps to finish! I had decided to use Serene Silhouettes and the InColors. I was very pleased with how they turned out. I'll post pictures on Sunday when we return home, unless I can figure out how to access them from the iPad before!

We woke early because we were so excited to be here! As we waited in the check-in line, this beautiful young woman, Andrea Withers, came over and gave me a hug! You may remember Andrea's name from a couple of years ago. When I was one of the make-and-take helpers at Convention, Andrea was the young lady who coordinated our group of helpers. She hasn't aged a bit and is still just as beautiful! She sees so many people, I was blown away that not only did she remember my name, she remembered what I looked like and she found me in the sea of 500 crafters! What a thoughtful young person!

We also saw the fabulously talented Bonnie Thurber. She looks just wonderful - she's one of those ladies who have such a beautiful smile that the room just lights up with her presence! I had to have my picture taken with both of these ladies. Which I will post when I figure this thing out...

So, they finally opened the doors (after what seemed like hours of waiting, we were so excited!). Sue and I ran in to find the best seats in the house! I think we were in the first 10 people through the door. So we found wonderful seats. Oh yeah, and we swapped so much while we were waiting to begin. Can't wait to show you some of my favorites...later, of course!

We had wonderful presentations; there were so many Prize Patrols - and I won one of them! I won the stamp set 'Owl Occasions' - a set I did not have! YEAH!!! During one of the Prize Patrols, you will never guess who won the 'Seasonal Sayings' stamp set? I screamed when I saw the name on the screen - EVERYONE won the stamp set! How great is that?! Oh, and did I mention EVERYONE also won the 'Merry Moments Simply Scrappin' kit'? Is this a GREAT company or what?

Mom and I are headed back to Ohio after a good night's sleep. Although the men-folk seem to be having a fine time without us. Hubby said he made manwiches (YUCK!). I'll keep playing with this iPad to determine if I can figure this thing out...

Check back Sunday evening for the pictures!


  1. Dawn,

    It was so great to meet you and spend the day with you and your Mom at the Regional event in Chattanooga! Thanks for showing the "newbie" (me) the SU way to get the most out of this awesome day. I'm feeling more inclined to step out of the safety of my craft cave to actually share what I love with others. Sue

  2. @Sue - It was so GREAT to meet you too! I'm so glad we were able to be together during the Chattanooga Regional! It was a LOT of fun!


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