Talk About It or Taco Belly?

Crafters -

Bear with me for a few minutes... I'll get there, promise...

Remember a few years back - the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie? Yeah...  that one! As many of you know, we have a boy. A few years ago, he liked the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. He was about 5 - a really fun age! And he really liked (and still likes) music. And, as many 5-year-olds do, they sing songs.

One day, he was singing the "Talk About It" song that Alvin and the Chipmunks do. Except his words were "Taco Belly." (FYI - if you don't know the song, you can search for "Chipmunks Talk About It" in just about any search engine and find it. I just didn't find an "official" version to link for you.)

Needless to say, the boy had us cracking up that day! Of course, now that he is much older, he doesn't remember...

And then there is "Weird Al" Yankovic. Anyone else remember Weird Al? Yeah, the guy that parodies songs. A little insight into our lives... the boy LOVES Weird Al songs. We have actually seen Weird Al in concert THREE (yes, three!) times - and have traveled all over the state to see him! Yes, we are geeks and we're ok with that.  :)

Some of Weird Al's recent hits are Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" - which he changed to "Perform This Way." Or Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" - he changed to "Party in the CIA." The list is long and distinguished. And yes, he tours NOW. I still remember his parodies of Michael Jackson's songs!

Yesterday we were outside doing yard work. Enjoying the beautiful weather. It's been quite warm here recently, and it finally wasn't as warm. Anyone else let the mind wander when doing yard work? Well, I do! I'm humming/singing and trying to "whistle while I work" (this post is FULL of historical references!)... and I start humming/singing the 2012 Stampin'Up! Convention song of "I am."

Oh, if you haven't seen it, here's the video. (Click the word "video" and you'll go straight to my previous blog posting of it.)

Anyhoo... because I'm weeding and spraying and bagging and just doing the fun yard work (that comment is somewhat sarcastic), I let my mind wander while I was working. And all of a sudden, the words "I am" became "I can" as I was humming/singing. This time, it was ME who changed the words. Not the boy. Not Weird Al.

I have heard comments from friends and customers such as "oh, I can't make cards," "this one will be my sample card because I messed it up," or my personal favorite is "I can't send this card - I'm going to save it."

I'm here to tell you - you CAN make cards, even "messed up" cards CAN bless others, and just like the story of the talents, you CAN share your gifts and talents with others. I like to compare it to kids' drawings. I'd much rather have a child's drawing, made just for me, than any print from any store. In the case of our card making, we are just playing with the grown-up version of construction paper and glue sticks!

We are always so hard on ourselves. Why is that? As I tell my local crafters, both customers and friends, if you want perfect, the Big Box Store is down the street (you insert your local big box store name). Just as He takes our imperfections and uses us, we can use our imperfections to brighten someone's day. Please don't hide your gifts and talents, share them - you CAN do this!

If you don't know where to start, contact me. We can work out a date for a workshop, or you can attend one of my card classes (click the words "card classes" and you'll be taken to that page). The next card class is August 4th and the deadline to register for that class is THIS Saturday, July 28th.

The NEW Holiday Catalog items are available for sale on August 1st. As a demonstrator, I've already preordered AND RECEIVED a couple of items out of the Holiday Catty and we WILL be playing with those items on August 4th. Best and easiest way is to "try-before-you-buy." Come to the August 4th card class to try out the new items! Contact me to get YOUR copy of the Holiday Catalog!

I AM confident that YOU CAN make a difference.

To love what we do and share what we love,
as we help others enjoy creativity 
and worthwhile accomplishments... 
in this we make a difference!
                                                                                      - Stampin'Up! Statement of the Heart

So yes, you can! Watch and listen to the video again; it is just such a fun video. And contact me so you can share your gifts and talents with others!


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