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Well, can I just tell you how much fun it is to be a demonstrator? My friends and downline will tell you, I enjoy this company and what they stand for, and how they run their business. I have always felt that way, including when I left SU! for that six-month period to change uplines (which has since been changed to 3-months/90 days now - GREAT decision on that change too!).

ANYWAY - You've seen me post things that are preorders - things that demonstrators can order before the customers. SU! does it this way so we can make samples to show to our customers so that YOU will want the items too! Personally, I just like playing with new toys, but since I'm trying to run this as a business, I gave you the "business side" too. :)  That's just one of the fun things that I get to do as a demonstrator.

Demonstrators also are able to attend Convention in Salt Lake City. This is the first year I have missed Convention for the past SEVERAL years. However, since I am rebuilding my business, I just could not justify the cost. Would have LOVED to have gone, but... I am looking forward to next year. Because I'm part of a different upline, I will get to sit with my long-distance upline and sideline members. Although I won't be with my local friends, I'm confident we will all still have lots of fun.

So, I've been blog-stalking - and I've been pinning Convention items to my pinterest boards. Hope you have been checking them out - really looks like they are having fun there!

Well, today at 2pm Mountain Time (which is 4pm Eastern Time), Stampin'Up! had a Convention Live Video Feed for an announcement. As far as I know, this is the first time they have done something like this. Not the same as being there, but you could still feel the excitement. I took several screen shots and have posted them here. BUT what the announcements were:
  • The Grand Vacation Incentive Trip for 2014 will be.... Western Caribbean! The promo video they showed made it look like a LOT of fun.
  • The online Independent Demonstrator Agreement (IDA) will now be available for ALL demonstrators. Demos no longer have to have a Demonstrator Business WebSite (DBWS) for you to sign up online.

I'm going to take a guess that they will post some more of the information on the DEMONSTRATOR side of the Stampin'Up! website - so if you want to see it - you have to be a demonstrator. If you want to be a demonstrator, and don't already have a relationship with one, please contact me! I'd LOVE to have you join my Latte Joy Stampers!

While the Incentive Trip doesn't impact me, the online IDA does! And it impacts ALL demonstrators. I had actually sent Stampin'Up! an email requesting the IDA and online signup for ALL demonstrators - not just those with a DBWS. It only makes good business sense to have this online IDA available to all. By completing the information online, potential demonstrators don't have to wait for their applications to be sent to and received by SU! The potential demo can see right away if something went wrong with the application - and it can be immediately resolved! Everything is done online and the new demo has access to the website immediately! The new demo has an upline immediately and all is good. Demos can access a number of fun sites and ideas once they have logged into the SU! website. It is a HUGE win-win for everyone.

Now, while I let you know that I did send an email to SU!, I'm not saying that my little email caused this to happen. I'm confident that SU! heard this from many! But what this does say about SU! is that they change with the times; they update with technology; AND they are committed to serving the end-user (that would be me and you -  demonstrator and customer). Again, what a GREAT company to work with! 

So, without further ado, here are some of the screen shots from the Live Video Feed.
Rich Judkins, SU! President is the Fortune Teller
With Sara Douglass and Shelli Gardner
Can you tell that Sara is Shelli's daughter?
Shelli has this year's Convention bag

And how do you think they would pay the Fortune Teller? Why with STAMPS, of course! From right out of Shelli's Convention Bag for this year!
Look, it worked!

And then Sara did a show-and-tell/on-stage demonstration for all to see. Usually you have to be in attendance to see this, but seeing it on-stage/online - although still not the same, was the next best thing. I may have to send them an email and ask them to do the group on-stage thing online again! It would really get everyone interested in the great ideas and products that we sell!
Who wouldn't like to receive this jar?
So stinkin' CUTE!

My note taking during the online live feed left a LOT to be desired. I think she called this one a "Wedding Jar." She simply placed the cutout on the jar and then spritzed it with our Shimmer Paint. What a cute (and EASY) idea! Add a little ribbon and you have a wonderful gift!
Using cutout and shimmer paint

The next two pictures go together. The first is the bottom part of the jar and the second is what sticks out of the jar. AND it is for someone's wedding! What a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift!
Bottom part of the gift
the jar portion

Top part of the gift - complete with photo!
There is even a gift card on the back of the photo.
How original!

Ok, and here's a really fun part of Convention AND Regionals. They announce that it is time for a Prize Patrol and post a picture on the screen of what the prize is.

Then they announce which wristband is the winning color/design...

Then the winners stand so the wonderful Stampin'Up! staff can find them to give them their prizes...
She looks so happy, doesn't she?

And it makes it so much easier for the staff to find you when you wave your arms. Remember when my wedding band went flying at Regionals (this post)? YUP! This is exactly what I was doing at that time too!
Look at all the people!
You really do need to stand and wave your arms to be noticed.
Just don't lose your wedding set!

Hope you have enjoyed the photos. And hope to see you at Convention 2013 - I WILL be there! Will you?

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