May 31st and June 2nd...

Crafters -

Can you believe it is almost May 31st? Many of my favorite stamp sets are retiring on that date. Several items have already sold out (don't worry - they won't sell out of the stamp sets - Stampin'Up! makes those!).

Then June 1st is the very next day! Funny how that whole calendar thing works, huh?  :)  Seriously though, the new catalog is effective at 12:00 noon Mountain Time (which is 2:00 pm Eastern). If you haven't yet seen the catalog, let me know! I have them here. OR, once Stampin'Up! is up and ready to go on June 1st, you can see it online. Here is the link on my Demo Website for the CURRENT catalog. It should be updated for the new catty when it goes live.

And then, Saturday, June 2nd from 9a-12p, following that whole calendar thing again. YOU get to come to my home and make a card, look over my retired items, participate in drawings (you must be present to win), and generally have a good time visiting with friends. AND, if you are a customer/new customer and you bring someone "new-to-me" - YOU will receive a "thank you" gift from me. FYI - the retired items are cash only (if you are a customer, please talk with me about paying by check). You can also place an order with me during this time - I will have coupons good for... well... you have to come to the party to find out! OH - and you can pay by credit card for your merchandise order! Win-win for all!

Hoping to have a few more items to display for Saturday - I'd better get crackin'!

I almost forgot - can you believe it? We will have an official downline, for my new downline members, in July. We have to get together to share our gifts and talents, don't we.  :)  I think the new name for my new downline will be the "Latte Joy Stampers." I like my lattes, and I LOVE  JOY-fold cards, and my fabulous new upline's group is the "Happy Stamping" group. I think that would be a fitting name for us. (FYI - my former downline were called the "Dames" and are a wonderful  group of women. Unfortunately, many have left during my six-month break. However, they are my friends first and foremost, and they have a new upline/are no longer part of my downline...  :(   Glad they are still my friends!).  I will be adding a "page" to this blog for the downline updates. With the $99 Starter Kit, YOU could become my newest downline member too! Let me know and I'd LOVE to talk with you about this.

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