Isn't the NEW CATALOG wonderful?

We had an orthodontist appointment yesterday and I knew it was going to be a few minutes (new brackets, changing the colors of the wires - the boy went with RED), so I brought along my new catalog.

Again, just WOW! Stampin'Up! has lowered the price to $4.50 and it is such a deal! I must have picked up about a million new  ideas while I sat in the waiting room just looking through it! And, I thought this was really cute, the waiting area is very bright and allows lots of natural light in the room. So I'm just sitting there, minding my own business, with lots of seats around me - I have NO idea how THAT happened - does that EVER happen at a medical office? Anyway, this mom walks in with her child. They sat across the room from me. After the daughter's name was called, the mom got up and came right over and sat next to me - all those empty chairs, but I was the one with the new catty. I think she liked the catalog too!  :)

It looks like it will be a beautiful day here in Central Ohio - so as my friend always says "make it a GREAT day!"


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