"The Cult" as My Husband Calls It... :)

My husband, who is just the nicest guy in the world, refers to my crafting as "the cult." He says it in fun - never ever begrudging me any crafting time (or money!). He also tells me that by me staying busy with the crafting, that it keeps me out of the bars - HA!  Like that is a problem with me - NOT!

Hubby is always teasing me about "did you get any new members in your cult?" and such. ANYWAY, some friends of mine, have been thinking about signing up as demonstrators. As husband and wife, they can BOTH sign up with the spouse being the "supporting demonstrator." My husband is also signed up that way. So they have been thinking about it. I had told them to go through the catalog - yes, they have the new one - and do their wish list. Not the things like "well.... it might be nice to have this or that...." not that type of wish list. A real, live "I want this" type of wish list. With the items you know you will purchase and use. With the things you like. THAT type of wish list. You know the kind I'm talking about.

With Stampin'Up!'s $99 Starter Kit, you get up to $125 worth of merchandise. When I signed up this month, I got mine to $124.96 - I was so proud of myself; I just about broke my arm patting myself on the back (smile). 

So, as I'm talking to my friends this morning, they tell me that their list was EXACTLY $125!!!! WHAT?!?! How did that happen?! She even got out the adding machine and ran a tape of the figures! I knew I liked her! $125 EXACTLY!!!! WOW!

And guess what - I think they are really seriously thinking about signing up now. 1) He'll save 25% on his starter kit (because it cost $125 and he's getting it for $99), 2) a savings of 10% because there is no shipping on the starter kit - just the tax, and 3) my downline meetings. Sometimes it helps to see the benefit of WHY you should sign up when it is listed in black and white.

Then later today, I received a Facebook message from another friend who came to the May 19th card class. Have YOU "liked" my Facebook Page yet? It was her FIRST time making cards with me. I have known her since 1994 - almost 20 years and could never get her over here. Well, she came on Saturday and she had fun! She's even been showing her cards to others! I'm so glad she came. She caught on right away and completed her cards lickety-split. Personally, I think she was holding out on me...

How do you think I should tell my wonderful hubby that I'm getting MORE members in our little cult?  Maybe I'll make him a card and tell him! NAH, I don't know that he would appreciate it!

Here are some beautiful cards we received this past week (the first one is a little blurry - this photographer is no where NEAR as good as the actual photographer!):
This is a limited edition card too!
It is card #9 and the photographer was Dave Hermann.
Thanks Tom & Diane for the beautiful card!
You see, it was our anniversary (lucky #13!) last week. Here's another card we received - by my mom!
Stamp sets include Just Believe and Teeny Tiny Wishes.
Isn't this so pretty?
Thanks Mom & Dad!
Don't I just have the most talented people in my life?

Enjoy your day and I hope to see you here at one of the card classes or other events! United we stand!

All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. - attributed to Edmund Burke

Please don't be someone who does nothing; DO SOMETHING AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your little corner of the world!

Tune in on Monday and I'll blog about how I began making cards. You really can make a difference with just one card. 

We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. - Romans 12:6a (NIV)

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