My Birthday Butterfly...

Today is my birthday, and I think our son was more excited about that than I am! Maybe something with the number of my birthday, but... (HUGE smile!).

So, yesterday the boy had Art class at school and came home with ink all over his hands! You know what that looks like! When I asked him about it, he said that he was making me something in Art for my birthday but he wouldn't give it to me until tomorrow (now today). Oh the anticipation!

Guess what I received this morning, beautifully decorated?

As that wonderful person Anonymous has stated "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." So although I don't like getting older, I do like the experiences I'm able to enjoy. Especially through the eyes of my child.

And I think he may like paper crafting as much as his dear old mom! And, his words not mine -  "because butterflies are symmetrical," he signed BOTH wings on the back (name and year) - how wonderful was that?

Off to enjoy my FREE Birthday coffee from my FAVORITE coffee place in the whole wide world (I do substitutions, but...) STARBUCKS!  How nice was that of them to send me a postcard for a free coffee? If YOU haven't signed up with them for YOUR Birthday free drink, you should. I just LOVE their stuff. My retirement job... someday...  :)

And as my friend always says "Make it a GREAT day!" Enjoy!

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