Flags at the Ohio Statehouse

Crafters -

As many were, we were at church yesterday. Still seems surreal that it was 10 years ago.

We (hubby, boy and myself) went to the Ohio Statehouse yesterday afternoon. Here are the pictures from my phone. They don't do the memorial justice.

Taken from the front steps

Taken from the front steps

All in rows

As we walked the outer perimeter of this, the boy said "Wow! That's a lot of (U.S.) Flags!" He heard the same sermon and the same numbers (one of my stampin' buddies - Stephanie - always quotes the numbers as well - she provides a FABULOUS History lesson!). But he couldn't comprehend the sheer number until he saw the flags that represented the people who died that day.
Can you see the cutout?
My camera phone doesn't do the pictures justice. Here's the professional view and the story that goes along with these:

The flags are schedule to be removed this morning and this is an annual event.

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