Convention, Memento Mall, and People I've Met!

This will be a LONG post - grab your favorite cup of coffee, cocoa, soda, or your choice and enjoy!

First, we arrived yesterday. Stephanie's plane was delayed (of course), but Geneva and I got here right on time. The hotel courtesy van was there within 20 minutes or so and we were on our way.

You will NEVER guess who was on our shuttle - Amy Celona (Amy is the one referenced in this posting. Although you wouldn't recognize her on my blog, you should know that hers are some of the buttons on the side. She is just as nice in person as she is in the techno-world!

We ate dinner out and then came back to the room. We were SOOOO tired! I think we all fell asleep as soon as our heads hit those pillows! But before we did, Stephanie gave Geneva and me each a wonderful lanyard that she made for us. This one is mine. Isn't she so sweet? (Disregard the red/white swirly paper - that is my "color" for the Prize Patrol!)
Ooops - turn your head to the side to read this one!

This morning, we had our complimentary breakfast and headed to the Convention Center to begin our day. Today is "Check-in Day" which means no "real" crafting, but lots of swapping and we get to pick up our Convention bag, which includes this really nice binder for our catty too. What do you think?
How cool is this bag?

The embroidery is just beautiful!

A Convention-attendee Catalog Binder! YEAH!

The catalog was already three-hole punched and we just had to place the right pages with the right tabs!

Each section even has its own little page pocket!

Then, because I'm a Make-and-Take helper, I got to go into Memento Mall BEFORE everyone else. We went through the back way and I was just waiting to be led into the Green Room (smile), but we came to the Memento Mall. And while I was in the back of the room checking out the polo shirt and sweater, I received a Text from Stephanie. Guess who else got into Memento Mall early? Stephanie and Geneva! While they were standing in line, an SU! staff member approached them and they were given buttons that said "You Crew" and they were led the same way into Memento Mall that I was. We spent about an hour there!

Here are some of the things we purchased (and yes, I think we purchased one of everything!
Yes, those baskets at our feet are all OURS!

A picture of the SU! photographer taking OUR picture!

SU! Sweater

Sorry, it's sideways - polo shirt

Reusable shopping bag and SU! collapsible tote (to be used as a trash can at the craft tables!)

All kinds of stuff - notice the SU! lanyard in the center?

SU! umbrella - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!

Umbrella Display at Memento Mall

Catalog Stickers

Close-up of the Catalog stickers

My new lunch tote and reusable cup

Laptop Skin and Mouse Pad

The laptop skin and my NetBook. Think I need a new one - what do you think? Nah....  :)

Workshop Pocket Boards - left is the front, right is the back. Notice the clear pocket on the front of it? VERY handy for your wishlist while at a card class!

Then I headed to the actual Make-and-Take Helper session. Here is the lovely Andrea Withers (she's the young, pretty one on the left!) Doesn't she have the prettiest smile? Until today, I had only met her via email. She is just so nice!

And then we made the make-and-takes. One of the wonderful ladies at my table, gave me this hint and I thought I would share it with you. I just LOVE that SU! is now offering the clear-mount stamp sets - and I know you are too! But, have you ever noticed that sometimes it just doesn't cling so well in the case? Well, she gave us this hint - the skeleton of the stamp set - KEEP IT - do not throw it away! Remove the white protective layer and place the skeleton into the case. It clings really well. And it also helps you to know when you are missing a piece or two of the stamp set.
See how nicely the skeleton clings to the case?

Now she said that she doesn't even use the labels on the individual stamps. She places the label sticker sheet in the back pocket of the case. I prefer to use the stickers, so mine have them.

Well, the party started at 6 pm and it is now 6:03 pm. The internet has been up and down continuously throughout yesterday and today. I'm using the business center's computer now. I hope to post again tomorrow with some more really cool things. Hope you have enjoyed this lengthy post!  :)


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! Have fun!!!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time, Dawn! Tell Geneva & Steph hi!

  3. Thanks for the updates! I am so jealous! I want to go to Convention again, but we have a wedding coming up and I need to save for that. Love your pics!

  4. Love the memento mall stuff. The sweater and umbrella are sooooo gorgeous. And the bag you all got is to die for. Makes me awfully jealous or at least it would if I was that kind of girl . Thks for all the photos.


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