Leadership, Dames and Sale-a-Bration - all in January!

Well, we return from Florida tomorrow (thanks to my folks for putting up with me and the boy for 6 days!). Then, between homework assignments, work schedule, laundry, unpacking and putting away Christmas items (hubby put everything up - I think it is only fair that I take the stuff down, what do you think?).

ANYWAY, between all of that - I will be working on my swaps for Leadership! Thanks again to my fabulous new friend, and honorary Dame Gwen, I leave for Leadership on Wednesday next week! I'm getting so excited but just don't know how I'm going to get everything done! I really do need Hermoine's Time Turner - one that works, not just a little gadget, of course!

Our next Dames meeting is the Saturday AFTER Leadership, on January 22nd. As a member of my downline, they get to see all the cool stuff I will have learned FIRST! One of the benefits of being in my downline. You can sign up - if you hold off until Sale-a-Bration, you usually get a free stamp set too! Just throwing it out there - something to think about...

AND Sale-a-Bration (SAB) begins at the end of January. For those of you placing an order in January, well... I think I need to do something special for you. I'm going to come up with an idea and send out an email closer to when SAB begins. Check your emails after the 20th... (I've updated the special to this blog. It is here, the January 14th entry.)

Hoep everyone is enjoying this great new year! What was YOUR resolution for 2011?

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  1. I'm making my first attempt at posting on a "blog". I will be using the Heart of Hearts stamp set for January's Dame's Shoebox Swap. See you then. Pam.


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