Thanks again to my fabulous new friend and honorary Dame Gwen, I am officially here in Nashville at Leadership! The plane trip was VERY uneventful, even managed to take a little nap on that little 1 hour, 10 minute plane ride.  :)

We can pick up our bags as early as 7:30 am. Mindy and Terri have already checked into our room (they arrived yesterday), and the fourth in our group, Terry, arrived shortly after I did. Wonderful husband cleared out some pictures on the memory card for me, so I am planning on taking pictures galore! Hopefully I can figure out how to download them too!

Oh well, while all the stampers are out having fun, I'm trying to finish up my homework for class. My netbook is on the fritz so I'm taking advantage of another computer. Let's hope it all gets finished tonight, because it is due tomorrow! And SU! has us busy until 10:30 pm tomorrow night. Everyone who knows me, KNOWS that I turn into a pumpkin at 9pm. Now if they had a class at 3am, that would be different...  :)

Enjoy tomorrow and look for some updates tomorrow VERY late evening (hopefully!)...

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