Convention Goodies

Crafters -

WOW! Stephanie, Geneva, and I are all here and in our hotel room. Here are some of the goodies we received today:

The orange bag is the bag we received for Convention with our new stamp sets. The brown bag with the is one of those reusable bags. AND I purchased the laptop bag. It also has a matching tote (thanks to Stephanie for letting me borrow hers for this picture).

We all purchased the new aprons, and there is a new single stamp that says the same thing. The blue thing is the new punch template. ONLY available to demonstrators.

AND, for the Recruit Crew only members, I received a neat lanyard. ONLY available to Recruit Crew members! So you see, I really am special...  :)

UPDATE - Well the pictures are not uploading here in the hotel. I'll try again in the morning. Although it is only 9:02pm MT, my body is still at 11:02 pm EST...

NEWEST UPDATE - YEAH! The pictures loaded...

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