Convention - Day 3

WHEW! We were able to get about SIX WHOLE HOURS OF SLEEP last night! We woke at 5am and I was on the shuttle at 6:30-ish. You see, today was the Recruit Crew Breakfast with Shelli and staff members of Stampin'Up! I was able to attend this today because my friend Jeannette signed up to be a demonstrator during my Recruit Crew Training. Thanks again Jeannette!

Shelli Gardner (CEO and Co-founder) at the Recruit Crew Breakfast with 290-ish of our closest friends  :)

This is Jill. Doesn't she have the prettiest smile? She is one of the wonderful presenters that have shared their wisdom with us. Oh, and she sings beautifully too (keep reading for more on that!)

She and Bonnie (below) did a tag team presentation yesterday and they also sang the song "Sisters." Anyone else remember that song? These two did it WAY BETTER than the original two ladies, complete with feathers!  :)  Thanks to my wonderful husband and his new camera, I was even able to record it. We have been humming it ALL DAY LONG!!!! (and that's a good thing, in case you were wondering...)

This is Bonnie - a FABULOUS representative of Stampin'Up! and the same Bonnie I referenced above with Jill!

Bonnie is the funniest person and has the most amazing voice. Talk about sharing one's gifts and talents - She and Jill sing beautifully together! And you should have heard her today presenting. I'm paraphrasing now, but when she was explaining how to open our stamp pads, well... she compared it to men. You "push" them away, and then "pull" them back. Pull out one of your SU! stamp pads and try it - she's actually right! Of course, she then advised that she is single, so... She had us rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL).

Did you notice my "groovy" lanyard? Only Recruit Crew members received those! For those of you who are demonstrators - make sure you sign up for the newest Recruit Crew. It is just wonderful training - and training that you can actually use to grow your business!

We had some wonderful classes today. I think the best one was this one:

and here is a closeup of one of the pages:

Talk about assembly line. Geneva would stamp while I would use the marker, then we would switch. Move to the next station. Now, I'm pretty good at the assembly line process, but WOW!

Here are the make-and-takes we made yesterday. We have found the easiest way is the SPA way (Stamp-Punch-Assemble). So even though we stamped and punched yesterday, we didn't get to assemble until tonight. (smile) All have been put together and are packaged to head home tomorrow.

It is WAY past my bedtime - can you believe it is actually 12:30am MT? I cannot. So, I will post more tomorrow. It will be the final day of Convention. And, are you ready for this? Geneva, Stephanie and I already made our reservations for NEXT year's Convention! What do ya think? Think we are having a good time? Well, you'd be correct!

Thanks for sharing this little "hobby" (or cult as my husband calls it) with me - the journey is a fun one!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm glad I was able to get you to a breakfast with Shelli! Nice make and takes too!


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