I WON!!!!!

AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In case you didn't hear my scream from my house....

I just got home at 2:55pm. It is the last day of school and I always go out to lunch with my son on his last day of school since they release them early.


STAMPIN'UP! left a message for me on our home voicemail. GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!  I WON!!!!!! What did I win? Well...

As many of you know, I'm in the middle of this Recruit Crew Training Program. I have DILIGENTLY completed each module and for each module, they draw some names (I want to say 20, but I'm too excited to go and look to confirm it!). They publish the names when they draw them - AND I WON!!!!!!! My name will be listed with the winners!

The Recruit Crew is a bit of work - I won't lie there! It has forced me to actually do some things with my business that I normally wouldn't do. AND it has stretched me WAY outside of my comfort level. BUT it has been SO worth it! I am a lot more comfortable with the recruiting aspect. As you all know, I don't recruit to make money - I recruit to stamp with my friends!

SO - I get a FREE stamp set and I have up to 30 days to redeem this prize! YEAH!!!!!  Although I have an Executive Summary due on Sunday (worth 100 points!) and I've never written one before, I'm going to take off the MBA student hat and look at the catalog! So many choices AND I can choose something out of the NEW catty!  YEAHHHH!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited? I've already sent an email to my FABULOUS downline (the Dames) to share this information. After all, I wouldn't be able to participate in this program without being a Senior Supervisor, and I couldn't be a Senior Supervisor without my downline! And I wouldn't be able to win if Stampin'Up! didn't offer this great opportunity - Stampin'Up! is a TREMENDOUS company!

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