Scallop Square Purse, New Catty, Downline, and Friends!

Crafters -

Well... what do you think? I will tell you the picture just doesn't do it justice. And guess what is inside of that UPS (R) envelope? None other than the NEW Stampin'Up! (SU!) catalog which will be effective July 1st.

How did I get the catalog so early, you may ask? Well... let me tell you.  :)  See, I'm a Senior Supervisor with SU! And SU! offered this wonderful training program to Supervisors and Senior Supervisors. It's called the Recruit Crew. I have learned so much these past few weeks.

What this all means is that I have this FABULOUS downline. I had six in my downline and their names are (and I'm listing them in the order they signed up) Nina, Stephanie, Pam, Tina, Geneva, and Angie. And part of Recruit Crew is to sign up a new recruit during a certain time period - well, my friend Jeannette just happened to join our group during this particular time period!

So now, I have seven wonderful people that I get to stamp with quarterly, go to Regionals with (Stephanie and Geneva), go to Convention with (Stephanie and Geneva), and just generally am uplifted with these positive, wonderful friends!

Thanks to Jeannette for signing up during that time period, I received the catalog early. I'm meeting with these wonderful ladies tomorrow morning for coffee and for us all to share a looksie at the catalog! YEAH!

I think I may even carry this catalog in my new purse made with the Scallop Square die! BTW - I have to thank my wonderful sideline Jen and Mindy for showing us these purses and even having a class on it! And a special, heartfelt thanks to Geneva for showing me how to sew this all together. Friends are a gift from God!

SU! has sworn us to secrecy, but I will be having a new catty party in June sometime. Check back for more details!

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